Our Plans


Dear Friends,

I hope my website provides you with an overview of our overwhelming progress over the past five years. We’ve been busy meeting goals and making plans, but we are just getting started. I cannot wait to bring all of our progress in Kenner into Jefferson Parish. I cannot wait to see the growth and prosperity that is in store for us, and I am excited to take this journey with all of you. 

I have cut government spending by $8.5 million and trimmed bureaucracy by 135 positions. I have balanced 7 city budgets and attracted over $60 million in state and federal grants for Kenner’s infrastructure. I now have the experience to take this vision and energy to Jefferson Parish. As Parish President, I will:

  • Promote new jobs through an aggressive economic development strategy
  • Work with district council leaders to address compelling priorities in each area
  • Revamp code enforcement to rid the parish of blight and promote a better quality of life for Jefferson residents, business owners and visitors
  • Create a one-stop Permitting Department with online support
  • Promote open government and strengthen communications between the parish president, council and department leaders
  • Create vision projects that will attract new families to our parish and convert subdivisions into thriving neighborhoods
  • Support tourism initiatives and increase use of tourism-related facilities
  • Continue the successful corridor redevelopment projects that beautify major thoroughfares and promote business success and expansion
  • Appoint a blue-ribbon streamlining committee to analyze budget spending, recommend ways to consolidate duties and departments, and promote smart spending that will ensure that the parish’s highest priority needs are met first
  • Speed progress across the board by eliminating bureaucratic red tape, redundancy and “that’s the way we’ve always done it” attitudes

My work ethic and passion for public service grow stronger every day. The people of Jefferson Parish deserve to live, work and play in the best parish in the State of Louisiana, and I know I have the knowledge and leadership skills to accomplish just that. I am the breath of fresh air that Jefferson Parish needs to spark new development and accelerate progress.

Thank you for your support. Words cannot express my gratitude.